Banned in U.S., World's First Punk Rock Opera, Everyhead, Surfaces with New YouTube Video, "Banned Music Banned Art", Featuring Jim Warren's Nude Painting "Sexual Explosion"

HONOLULU, HI, August 27, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The revival of Everyhead, the world's first punk rock opera, surfaces with a new YouTube video entitled "Banned Music Banned Art," which features Everyhead's protest anthem "Iffa Wanna," banned in 1975, and Jim Warren's famous surreal nude painting, "Sexual Explosion," now exhibited online. "Sexual Explosion" was banned in the U.S. in 1976 from public exhibition for its controversial nudity.

Created by Art Videos Are Us ( http://www.Artvideosareus.Com), "Banned Music Banned Art" introduces two new Everyhead album covers and a new digital remix of "Iffa Wanna".

The now notorious Everyhead, inspired by the medieval miracle play "Everyman", was first performed on stage in Hollywood, California in 1975 in secret underground venues in order to protect the identities of its cast who wore ornate masks of their characters.

The Everyhead two-disc 26-song album, also recorded in 1975, was immediately banned from American radio airplay because of three controversial songs, including the protest anthem "Iffa Wanna", "America is a Pig" and "The Ballad of the F***ing Trees" as being too obscene and sexually explicit for United States broadcasting moral standards and guidelines, thus forcing the album to be withdrawn from distribution.

Everyhead, which captures the human experience of every man literally from womb to tomb, "finds its historical status as one of the very first rock music expressions of anti-establishment attitudes of the eventual "punk rock" movement at least one year before the term "punk" was even coined or used anywhere."

The Everyhead album features the lead guitar work of famed Steppenwolf band guitarist Michael Monarch, and was originally mastered by Kent Duncan, who mastered albums for such notable recording artists as the Jefferson Starship, Joe Cocker, Reo Speedwagon, Neil Diamond, Van Morrison, the Doobie Brothers, the Isley Brothers, among others.

It is reported that Stevie Nicks was interested in singing the part of the girl next door while she was still in Buckingham Nicks, but her new commitment to Fleetwood Mac interfered and she was forced to withdraw from the recording sessions.

Previously, a video featuring protest anthem " Iffa Wanna" was released to YouTube titled "Taylor Lautner vs. Marcos Junior," and created by for producer Latin Models World ( The original 1975 Everyhead album was finally released decades later in limited vinyl collector editions, but only in select parts of the world, and never officially released in the United States where it was often bootlegged during the last 35 years.

The original Everyhead punk rock opera production was composed and orchestrated by Kenneth Cottrell, who sings the leading role of Everyhead. The album was produced by Stan Zipperman.

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